Endgame stat builds

What stat build are you the most excited to see the full potential of at endgame?

For me personally it’s Warlord, I think when it gets access to more strength weapons, lost techniques, and fighting styles it’ll be insanely fun. Right now it’s kind of underwhelming due to a lack of options but I can see it being a really strong class at later levels.

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“Warlord” “underwhelming” Are we playing the same arcane odyssey?

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imagine someone running up to you with an eagle patrimony-acid-canonfist-imbued hallberd


mage, i love casting spells

All of them really. What I’m most hyped for is the destruction that comes with Mage, or whatever techniques Berserker will have in the future. Hell maybe we could have hybrid class specific techniques too. The game’s potential for classes to be unique is rlly promising

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warlord already has strength weapons, and we know there’s arcanium (magic) weapons coming in the future

what i’m really wondering is if we’ll ever get any vitality/magic fighting styles


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as of right now? yea warlord is alright, nothing too crazy

warlock (if i aint flooding rubica with a sailor style move ion want shit)

Lol i love how genuine he is about it :joy:

Warrior. I wanna see legendary weapons

hes playing mysterious journey

Mage, Beserker and Warden.

I want mage to be able to lunch a blast that is a bigger than Palo town

I want Beserker to able destory an island by just using crash

I want Warden to summon the whole power of the gods into one attack

Ain’t no way yall tryna gaslight me right now lol. Warlord is decent to slightly above average. It was only amazing a few weeks ago because the Mistral balance patch made it broken.


me when i imbue explosion, ash, spirit energy, and thermo fist into my weapon.

Attack size