Enizor's Signature Dish (Short Comic)

Moral of the story! Every time you walk by an old person cooking two of the following will happen!

  • You will either be dragged in immediately to help prepare it.
  • You will accidently bring dishonor to you, yourself, and your next 7 following generations trying to be clever.

But thank goodness Enizor is just too much of a sweetheart to be mad!
Perhaps all his spare anger just goes into his various delicious stews?

Now I understand where the spice came from huh…

Eitherway! Thank you for reading once more!! :blush:
Perhaps the next time you see a relative cooking you can offer up a hand!
How lovely would that be!


I would be devouring that soup ngl. Extra magic spice too??? Who knows, maybe that will boost my magic at the same time.

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Perhaps it will… :o
With the power of a warm heart and fantastical atoms! :star_struck:

“Snow Blast!”

Made a sticker version without the text!
We love unfiltered rage! :bouquet:


Person blows up in a colossal explosion of thunder, fire and plasma and creates an acidic and magma rain and a poison, ash and shadow tornado, obliterating the entire town and everyone inside it, ruining the whole island’s climate, vegetation and wildlife and creating environmental threats to nearby settlements
Enizor: Oopsie daisy, I forgot to put some basil herbs! Oh well, it’s a happy little mistake!

A happy little accident! :blush::sparkles::sparkler:

never underestimate the magical old men
they possess the arcane knowledge of cooking AND murdering you and the next 10 generations of your family

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That’s why you don’t get anywhere near insulting the old man’s cooking.
Very nice comic, too! Love the homely feel of the scenery, and it’s so peaceful!

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I thank you dearly! :heart::white_heart: ^ ^

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I will help the grandpa’s cooking always :+1:



Enizor is so incredibly well drawn :pray:


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I will thank you for this… NOW!!! :man_mage: :st3:

wsg lily

Hello ! ! Professionally



This art comic somehow brings back memories with some relatives whom I haven’t seen for so long now, how sweet :')

So thank you.

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Awww…it is quite sweet. :pleading_face: I hope you get to see them soon then… It’s always these little moments that we tend to overlook in the moment but always remember later on. So we must cherish then everyway we can.:pray:

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