Entering the Hoyoverse (wish me luck)

i got ganyu, raiden and redhorn stonethresher… within 30 pulls

after i quit for like 3 months or smth

Im comin up on soft pity on standard and I was jean or diluc. istg if I get keqing

personally zzz was a bit to bland in the first few hours of playing it, i highly recommend honkai star rail instead as its story and visuals are better (imo)
it also has turn based combat instead of the dungeon hack and slash that zzz seems to be, which also is more fun later in the game

I don’t like turn based combat.

Y’all need to relax I don’t even know HOW to spend money on the game :skull:

Tbh, I also get turned off a lot from playing turn based games, but I found myself really enjoing HSR’s combat.

The story is really well done, both main story and side story. And theres tons of content you can do, since you can still play event stories even after the event is over (unlike Genshin). Theres also a timeline for main stories and side quests, which is cool if you wanna play them in order.

Its also a bit easier to farm. The f2p characters are really good too, so beginniners should be able to play well.

I dont play it much tho, but its worth giving a shot

Its too late now, this is what you will become

Uniform, Mike, Whiskey, Hotel, Alpha, Tango, Tango, Hotel, Echo, Sierra, India, Golf, Mike, Alpha.

I recommend sticking to only one gacha game

i hate turn base too but i really enjoy hsr’s combat system

hsr makes turn base fun (in my opinion)

What you do is you bring out a credit card and go to the game shop(if it has one, i didnt tune in to zzz). Then you buy everything possible and watch your bank account get drained

Been playing Eversoul for over a year now, it’s nice listening to a language you don’t understand, other than a word that is repeated too many times.

Might consider trying ZZZ for the wolf character alone. Never played one of those Hoyoverse games, though.

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Hoyo owns a nuclear reactor for some reason

That sounds like youve possibly played other Hoyo games? Even so, they get addicting until you cant farm easily for materials(Me saving for the gacha and being just a little off with no way to get it is infuriating)

Oh btw if you want another futuristic-ey gacha, Wuthering Waves is one of your best, if not the best bet.

I might make this post a thread.

Got my first s-rank lol. It took a decent while.

Not the one I wanted but hey, it’s alright.

immediately tried to max it out as much as I could

(Rip my $5,682,900)

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Bruh it’s been only a day and I just got another fuggin’ s-rank.

Rip my wallet. (Nah jk I didn’t spend any money on this game yet.)

Is she a child? Can’t get a description but it’s safe to assume. So I’m never using her or I’m going to burn away all my resources.

welcome to the gacha-verse or whatever this is called, and welcome to a lifetime gambling addiction!

i got ZZZ on release and pulled for Ellen. got to pity and, for the THIRD TIME, lost my very first 50/50 of the game. :sob:

(played 3 gacha games so far, all 3, i’ve lost my first 50/50), but whatever.

in my opinion, doing the dailies in ZZZ is easy, probably the easiest set of dailies i’ve done. but yeah, save up your EXP stuff because the characters in this game use up a lot, and they don’t give out a lot, so maybe use some battery charges to farm some time from time.

yeah i’m pretty sure she’s like, 16-17. possibly 18 though i’m not sure, she’s the president of her company but leaders of their companies being kids is an oddly common trope. her age from what i know isn’t ever specified but she gets treated like a kid by her employees so again, idrk.

i see a lot of people suggesting Wuthering Waves, and i’ll say that if you like ZZZ’s combat, it’s pretty similar. imo the characters are harder to learn, and the dailies end up taking a while, but the game’s pretty fun and the story’s decent, alongside having a skip button if you’re not into it.

my personal favorite gacha is definitely HSR, but the turn-based combat isn’t for everyone.

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