Epicenter Showcase

I’d personally recommend an archaic warship hull, 4 speed deckhands, hasty archaic sailcloth and sailors for the crew.

Siege weapon and cannons are completely optional, though take Iron Carronades if you must bring guns.

At what speed will you make it so no NPC brigs can catch you?

Also, can the epicenter only spawn in insanity 4? or anywhere? (I think its insanity 4 right now but correct me if i’m wrong.)

Around 90ish speed from personal experience.

Massive congrats! I just found the Epicenter myself, and let me tell you, it is a huge relief to have the badge and to know I won’t have to go that far into the Dark Sea for a long, long time.

I took like 19 photos, but most of them are really ugly compared to yours so I’ll just send the most interesting ones.

I was too tired for photography when I found it but here’s 1 picture I managed to take

Im glad more people are epixenterizing, yknow?