Epicenter Showcase

Ladies and gentlemen.

After a long and dangerous expedition, myself and 2 other individuals managed to stumble upon the epicenter out in the depths of the dark sea.

I have compiled a series of screenshots showing the highlights of our exploration of the bleeding heart of the dark sea.


How big is it really?

I’d say around 4x-5x the size of Ravenna, if not larger, it’s quite hard to tell because of the intense fog and rain.

I see, you got any tips for such an expedition?

I’d recommend bringing a brig with around 110-120 speed, full frayed lines, and 22k-24k HP.

Additionally, bring at least 2-3 hours of Clearsight 3 or higher, to permit yourself to see properly within the dense fog and rain.

Then the final step is to gather 2-3 people, and sail off to the middle of insanity 4.


Awesome stuff! I usually just go in the dark sea on the west side of the map and there is no rain… To then I can see the shadows of islands… I do need more speed though, i only have 92…

Should be fine, though less than optimal, of course.

What about the realllly deadly Atlantean ships? Ones in ineanity one are a breeze… but 2+…

Simply run from them, their AI really isn’t capable of being able to catch you.

some-times it’s better to go solo since bringing people can make the dark sea generation more of a nuisance

Unless you’re going in blind like without cargo then maybe you should bring somebody (Cargo will be less of an impact going solo anyways, can be re-placed of course with the shipwright)

images u have are cooler than mine. I dont got any rain so it kinda just took away from it. also had bloxstrap on which took away from quality

I used clearsight but my pictures are darker.

was it worth it going to such a place


no idea maybe cuz people havent reached the true epicenter of the epicenters epicenter or the game just trippin

how do you survive insanity 4? through hp potions, or through warding? (if so, which level)

Insanity 4 doesn’t kill you Insanity 5 does

The badge is unobtainable till the nimbus update

Would this be a good ship loadout to go to the epiccenter?
Should I add siege weapons to it?

This is my current, but I dont think its very good for epiccenter expiditon
(yes its slower than a basic brig and no I do not care that it is, because I have a floating fortress)

The badge isn’t obtainable as of now, it’s due to be released with the nimbus sea update.