Ethan - Earth magic

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Further details about him and my other OCs can be found in the trello:

Ethan - Earth magic en Forgotten adventures | Trello

In my Stella post I got some suggestions which… gave me edgy vibes, and since I haven’t drew an edgy lord since quite a while, I think it’s about time to go with a dark magic

The edge will be…?

  • Apocalypse bringer
  • Darkness (rework)
  • Shadow (rework)

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(This poll is for the magic of the OC)

I feel like I already know who’s going to win :frhigh:


I like how he has levitating bracelets - very cool shit.

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Apocalypse bringer
Apocalypse bringer
Apocalypse bringer
Apocalypse bringer

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don’t earth already got a magic circle?

The original one looks somewhat simple, wanted to make something different :fr:

yeah looks cool

the apoc bringer

I swear to god I saw someone in the discord that said “nice zuko fanart”
( Was it phi?)

do not mention it :hungry: