Ethereal Empire

Guild Name: Ethereal Empire
Guild Status: Neutral
Guild Owner: DiamondArcher_97


Why Join Us?
Welcome to the Ethereal Empire!

⇨ Our goal is to unite players of all levels and grow our community. You do not have to be good at PVP, or to be rich to join!

⇨ At the Ethereal Empire, you have access to many utilities to help you grow as a player (even if you are level 90)!

⇨ We also accept players from any alignment; It does not matter if you are a villain or a hero.

⇨ In addition to that, we have pros that can help newer players, giveaways, and more!

Come join us to have a great time!

Benefits: :
► A good community to help you grow as a player

► Free giveaways with many items (Including Boss drops )

► If you need help fighting bosses we have people here ready to support you

► We provide lots of information and support

We are a community-driven server, you matter to us


Contact us:


If the link does not work here is what to do:

  1. Click the blue text above “Guild Name” at the top of this advertisement

  2. Go to the page it takes you and scroll back to the bottom of this message

  3. Click the discord link next to “Contact us”

didn’t you just advertise like 5 minutes ago

Yes, but the link was not working so I tried to fix it.

you prolly coulda just edited the previous topic but oh well

Now I know for next time!

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