Even to this day

Don’t lie, you cried listening to this.

i mean i did with just the main ost

didn’t grow up on minecraft so no nostalgia but sounds very relaxing

couldn’t bother listening to the whole thing
but is very soothing image

Didn’t hit before 0:48

The only reason I’m somewhat nostalgic over minecraft music is because of the xbox 360 version. It was so cool, with plenty of stuff mobile didn’t have (at the time), finally a way to play multiplayer without internet (which I didn’t get until at least 2014), amazing tutorial world that also got updated every once and then with tons of secrets, skins, downloadable worlds and especially the christmas one I spent way too much time on.

It was very limited compared to the current minecraft, but it was amazing imo. The framerate was pretty low in multiplayer but idc, and the TV required HD for multiplayer (which I also didn’t have at first) so playing with others felt like a priviledge when I got one.

It was also the time where demos were kind of a new thing, a ton of games had them and minecraft had a demo of about every downloadable thing which allowed you to use them while losing the ability to save the downloaded world

Anyway here’s the main music of the christmas mach up pack I was talking about

Now imagine this but in your usual basement, during winters, with the wood furnace there, basically an infinite amount of free time cuz school was barely anything back then and Perf

didn’t cry but man i was really rethinking my life choices

I used to have a friend named Kellen and we would go down to his basement to play Minecraft on his Xbox, good times

But bad stuff happened with his family and I haven’t seen him in years.

I legit can’t play Minecraft with the music on, it’s too much for me.

In many years, if Minecraft music isn’t played at my funeral I literally refuse to die