Everything you should know about suncry

Yes, you know suncry
everyone knows about Jason, rkers, and people like talos

On this topic, hopefully, I will tell you everything you should know when thinking about suncry or joining.

Is suncry a PVP guild?

No, it is not.
Although there is a channel on the main server on discord for people that want to pvp

Joining one of the suncry legions, Eclipse Is the way to go if you want to improve or meet people that like to pvp.
Bunch of tryhards
Or you could just join to see our funny channels with salty people


Suncry has three legions For now?.
To join a legion, you firstly need to get level 5 on one of our bots, MEE6, which doesn’t take long, just talk regularly and you should be fine.

  1. Solstice (Solace)

Solace is a legion focused on mainly economy and farming, occasionally has game nights that plays several roblox games.
Solstice also has a whole section for traders to learn how to do so and learn about values.
Recently, due to the lack of updates and activity on wom’s community, is starting to migrate to arcane reborn until arcane odyssey is finished.

  1. Equinox
    Equinox is a legion focused on boss hunting… and occasionally has game nights.
    Equinox is quite inactive and I never participated so much on it but offers to do a lot
    For example, has an opportunity to join the guild in-game to get infamy.
    And has plans to be the navy of suncry on arcane odyssey.
    But the best part of equinox, for me, is the community and the cursed goose.

  2. Eclipse

Eclipse is composed of a bunch of horny weebs that like to pvp. the place to be if you want to get better on the game and the best way to join the guild in-game, BUT, you will have to be tested by one of the testers from the guild, in this test, the person will choose based on a 1v1 if you are worthy enough to join the legion.(At this moment, eclipse is closed and new members cannot join it.)
This means, if you see a suncry member in-game, he’s probably an eclipse member.
Eclipse also has a completely different community from the other parts of suncry, so much that it has different rules from the main server.

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Suncry has a diverse community with over 300 members mostly inactive :frcryin: doing whatever they like , but not necessarily related to WOM because dead game
We have: Artists, editors, narcissists,
weebs, and a lot more

Although wom is dead for now due to lack of updates, people are daily In the chat doing whatever they feel like to.


Administration and promotions

Suncry has a meritocracy system, which means you will be rewarded by being active and behave correctly and be punished accordingly for breaking rules, misbehaving, etc.
for example, GoldenQuakers, one of the founders of suncry being demoted to the lowest rank for inactivity, harassment to the council, and more.


Mage is the lowest rank in the guild, But don’t be ashamed to be here, you are the majority, or you just joined the guild.
Senior mage
Senior mages are members that are trustworthy and active enough to have access to Secured chat, a channel that should never be leaked in any way it has mostly anime girls tho, access to a channel that people giveaway stuff, such as nitro, in-game items and a lot more. senior mages also have access to join 2 legions at once.

To be an archmage, you Have to be the highlight member from one of the three legions, and most importantly, Responsible enough to be in that role.
Archmages can moderate the server on the behalf of the council when not available, and access to all 3 legions of suncry without any restriction.
Council is the most important rank in suncry, every decision, promotion, change, punishment is discussed accordingly and then applied correctly.
The council role is separated into 2: admiral and herald.
The admiral is the absolute leader of a legion but still can be influenced by the decisions of the other council members.
The herald is the 2nd leader of a legion, it does the same as the admiral, but with a little bit less power which doesn’t change anything tbh lo
The council also has the power to change the current leader of suncry.
For example, in the Jason incident, he chooses to step down from the leader position to prevent more damage, and immediately, a new leader was immediately decided.




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This was actually quite informational and I’ve learned a lot but I think I’m going to continue making Jason jokes and not changing my opinion on Suncry because I’m unfunny

honestly don’t rlly care about ingame guilds rn
im just gonna do what i do best


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I’m just waiting for suncry to realize that I’m not even in their guild and remove this emblem from me lol.