Exiled's sword or Minotaur's axe

  • Exiled’s sword
  • Minotaur’s axe

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lol, 9 votes on exiled sword, none on minotaur axe

Meta would like a word with you.

Meta will have a word with you.

Minotaur axe = glorified self shockwave.
Exiled sword = actually unique to weapons in the game and can pass through obstacles

I’d use both, minotaurs axe for the big AOE and the Exiled sword for the cool

minotaur’s axe because it is an axe

I would normally want to feel special, but I’m going to go with the norm and choose Negative Rep for storyline

I like both weapons. I choose the axe because I knew everyone would pick the sword

From my experience I find the sword nice but I maybe be bias since i like fast attacking weapons and the Exiled’s Sword ability is exactly that lol plus I use light i feel right at home.

Why not both?

I feel like the minotaurs axe is a bit more replaceable so i’d pick the Exiled’s sword. Sunken sword is less punishable than the axe, and you might even want to use a regular great spin over the axe’s ability since it seems like it leaves you open for a smaller window of time. Exiled’s ability is more unique.

i would take both but if i had to pick one, i would pick axe to fill my gaps in destruction power

I refuse to abandon my duel daggers and shield

I’d go for Minotaur’s Axe since it has some sort of huge smoke for a few sec that gives time to dodge Exiled’s Sword, plus it has a huge AoE.

The smoke.is from the terrain.destruction

Why won’t yall want the minotaur

insert generic aoe attack

fuck axe

yeah that sounds good, and add it with the broken sunken sword

yeah I agree with the question

i’m more of a sword person myself

axes seem a bit too primitive for my liking