Existence Anniversary

Today, December First, I have turned 16 in the backrooms (Indiana) and can now mow down all the dangerous entities with a car when I become interested in getting a drivers’ license :mariomug:. Just kidding, of course.


cryo birthday :birthday::tada::boom::bomb::fire::skull:


LETS GOOOOOOOOO happy birthday my man, cant believe u younger than me tho ur so mature wtf

Ayyy happy birthday man! Hope you have a very special day! :birthday:

Enjoy your entity killing privileges :+1: happy birthday man

happy cryo day!!

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I love the part where Cryo showed up and Cryonicaled all over the place

good luck dont die

Happy birthday :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Fitting day for your cryo day :partying_face:

Cryo old fr fr

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Happy birthday Cryo

2 years and you’ll be an adult.


생일 축하해요
(happy birthday)

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image Skullsplosion

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CONGRATULATIONS (i thought this was a forum anniversary image)

happy birthday cryoman

Happy birthday to my favourite not deity!

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damn now ur 2 years older than me
tho i will catch up in a month >:D

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Casual Cryo W

LETS GOOOO!!! HAPPY B DAY!!! Tobiemoji_gogogo