[Experimental Writing] Ace G. - Hands and Claws

The clashes of the magics,
Swirling around, and round in the air…
My fellow comrades!
Get up and get your weapons!

Yo general writing, I’ve tried out a writing style inspired by a fantasy band’s songwriting for today.

And yes, this is a part of Average Day in Magius (Link to Trello) as a part of Ace Grey’s backstory.

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Writer's notes

I kinda dislike how google docs embed here, so I put it as a hyperlink instead

Feedbacks are welcome! As I’m still new with the kinda-feels-like-some-lyrics writing thing.

Since the story’s understandability is one of my main priorities other than some personal aesthetic to me, feedbacks regarding that is very welcome!


Imagine getting in the art/writing section of Odyssey Feed for the second week in a row


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what’s up I reread this at 1 am and I edited some words

this shit hits different from reading it at 9 pm

edit: I almost lose my sense of time by editing 9 pm into 11 pm, I should really sleep

edit at 12 pm: what the fuck was I on last night