Explanation why mutation is gone?

mutation is where you would be able to “evolve” your magic into a new form of itself after say, times of extreme hardship, or through great mastery (ex. fire → flare)

it’s mentioned in the encyclopedia trello that this phenomenon simply went extinct inbetween aa and wom, and mutation straight up doesn’t exist in the war seas. is there any explanation as to why this happened? why did people just start having plasma, or poison magic at birth? is this why “lost magic” scrolls exist?

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I’m fairly sure it’s because the War Seas is much more magically advanced than the Seven Seas was so they have access to mutations like Plasma as a base magic. While those in the Seven Seas have to mutate in order to attain it. Also, for Mutations slowly dying out, it could be due to the fact that magic becomes weaker as generations go on. In WoM it was assumed that that people born in Magius would be weaker due to the weakening of magic over time since the Age of the Seven Seas.

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because yes

It’d be cool if the Arcane Universe still had mutations but had different kinds of magic circles

Arcane Adventures would be the one without lines or language like its a magic made for “freedom” for the user however only focuses on the user charging it themselves however gain more power. This includes stronger mutations than the scrolls

Arcane Odyssey as circular like lines and some language, however you can say the damage is low but has passive charging, no need for the user to charge it themselves

World of Magic Circle gives the user the ability to both charge and passive charge however balanced in a way for a way so the charge is slower and damage is balanced

the wars seas are more advanced in magic than the seven seas

But it doesn’t explain why mutations from the 7 seas became lost or ancients in the war seas

the seas probably all share the same or most magics, the losts and ancients just fell out of use for some reason

It could be the other way around you know how Freedrock teach us god mutation. In the seven seas flare magic is considered mutation magic but in war seas it considered ‘lost’ magic so who knows

You know, the weird part about the war seas becoming advanced explanation is mutations should still theoretically be possible. Nothing is preventing fire from mutating into flare, but it could simply be that no one knows how to trigger a mutation or any of that. Thus, it’s possible that Iris is an anomaly not through a lost scroll but through a theoretical mutation (which is honestly super unlikely too but Calvus might be born with Aether so there is that too).

Iris being an anomaly through mutation would make a lot of sense, considering how in universe people consider her magic one that requires careful study and practice to learn.

I would like mutations to make a return, maybe near the end game even, but I highly doubt they will. Lost and ancient magic scrolls will be cornerstones of the games economy and key rewards for dark sea activities (likely), and making any of those magics obtainable by ‘mutation’, or essentially without engaging with the scroll market, doesn’t make much sense.

There is a problem though: How the hell are you born at birth with a mutation? Is it some weird genetic tomfoolery? I mean it is related to the mind, maybe it has to do something with that.

I think at least some form of mastery would be cool, but I wonder: How?

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