Explorer's Guide to Ravenna

This took some time because I could never sit still and write–and write I definitely did. Ravenna is huge, both geographically and narratively.



Basic Information

There’s a lot to unpack with Ravenna. By a considerable margin, it is the largest civilization in the Bronze Sea–that’s why it’s called the Bronze Sea, because of the Bronze Legion. Its population sits at around 12,000, with 2,000 of those people being soldiers in the Bronze Legion. Their main export seems to be raw bronze and bronze weapons and tools.


Redwake has many businesses. While having everything that a traveling seafarer could ask for, they also have prevalent cooking and mining communities. Compared to others in the Bronze Sea, their weapons manufacturing is highly advanced, as they have learned to cast bronze, a denser and more durable metal than iron, and forge it into various weapons, tools, and cannons. Interestingly, independent businesses use vendor display stands instead of privately owned buildings to sell goods and services.

Amulius Aurelius’s tailor stand in Rasna. Most Ravenna businesses use stands instead of entire buildings.


Where do I begin? Ravenna’s politics make up a massive chunk of the game’s story so far.

Internal Politics

In Rasna and Rubica, those in power in Ravenna are held in high regard. They offer them food, comfort, safety, and stability. Tiberia, on the other hand, has a different opinion.

Tiberia is a poor town in Ravenna and the “black sheep” of the three Ravennan homeland cities due to it being a victim of financial neglect. What specifically caused money and resources to stop flowing into Tiberia is unknown. According to Appius Lurco in Rubica, Tiberia used to be about as wealthy as Rasna.

External Politics

Ravenna is a prominent political force in the War Seas. Because of this, the Bronze Legion has come into conflict with many forces.


Formerly the most powerful force in the Bronze Sea, Winterveil and its population was almost completely wiped out by the Bronze Legion, after their leader and only Curse User, Kessler Boreas, was killed. Their former capital, Akursius Keep, was repurposed as a Ravennan fortress in a similar vein to Fort Talos for a time, before supernatural forces obliterated it and cursed the place. Before being conquered, Winterveil royalty often frequented Munera Garden to spectate or even participate in sparring matches.

Thorne Kingdom

Though the only source on the battle is from one General Zaix of King Caesar’s time, the Bronze Legion did come into conflict with the Thorne Empire in Cassia Town. Though the Thorne Empire was vastly more powerful at the time and had succeeded in their attempted regicide, something had caused them to retreat before they could completely dominate Ravenna.

Literally You

I don’t need to explain how the player becomes at odds with Ravennan officials. That’s literally in the story. The point of these posts is to collect and deposit hidden lore, not to recap things that everyone already knows.

Culture & Stories


Names in Ravenna are very clearly based off of those of the Romans in our world. Common surnames include Roman-sounding ones like Lurco, Caesennia, and Revora. Interestingly, there’s also the surname Bronze.


On the first day of every October, Ravennan people decorate the town with flowers and ornamental lights. For the next six days, they engage in singing and dancing. This event is known as the Carnevale. This is seen as a time of unity and harmony within Ravenna; even the poor town of Tiberia is included in the festivities.

Culinary Prowess

It is seen as a point of cultural pride that most Ravennans are very proficient cooks.


Ravenna??? Including Tiberia in something??? Impossible. Everyone hates tiberia, including people in tiberia.

Happy Carnevale everyone.

Ik it’s December in game but I love the suggestion that the updates dropping on the last day of Carnevale

think there was a guy in tiberia who says like “the only thing we really have to look forward to every year is carnevale”

tiberia really is the hood

Pretty cool :+1:
Should make one with frost mill :slight_smile:

Yeah there is, also is Winterveil’s capital’s name really Akursius Keep? I thought the Ravenna Realm named it that after building the fortress.


they did

oh my bad, that was not meant to be the implication

i dont actually know if they called it akursius keep before repurposing it for ravennan purposes

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