Explorer's Guide to Redwake

Hi. I’m a huge lore nut and I love to look at game lore all the time. I’ll be doing more of these, but for now here’s the lore and information I’ve gathered on Redwake from playing the game and reading all the dialog.



Basic Information

Redwake is a small harbor town located in the Jaws, which is located in the northeast Bronze Sea. With a relatively low population of about 300 people, the community is rather close-knit. Their main exports are the yields of their frequent shark hunting trips.


Redwake has every business needed for a seafaring adventurer. They have a Tailor, an Auctioneer, a Blacksmith, an Armorer, an Alchemist, a Shipwright, a Fishmonger, a Builder, and a Food Vendor.

The Red Fin

The Red Fin is a local tavern run by Estrid. It also doubles as an inn.
Estrid, the owner of the establishment

The tavern seems to get its name from White Eyes, the infamous giant red shark.



Redwake is sworn to the Sameria Province. Despite being situated in the Bronze Sea, a kingdom named after and dominated by the Ravenna Realm, Redwake swears itself to Samera, a different kingdom, because Chief Alfarin distrusts Ravenna. The source of his distrust is unexplained.

The Sameria flag (above) and the Redwake banner (below), situated above the throne in Shark Hall


The Chief of Redwake, Chief Alfarin, sits at the top of the Redwake political hierarchy. His second in command, holding the position of Commander, is Lord Orgumleidi.

One layer down are the Shark Hall Guards, elite warriors hand-picked by the Chief. Though predominantly male, there is one female Shark Hall Guard named Ragna. A Shark Hall Guard starts as a normal Redwake Warrior before being selected.

Culture & Stories


Unlike most locations in the Bronze Sea, people from Redwake don’t have surnames. They only have the one name. The names appear to be Nordic in origin.


Every year, Redwake hosts an event called the Sharkara. During this, they gather all the Redwake warriors and have them climb aboard 3 massive ships, referred to as the the Three Serpents. Thereafter, they sail outside of the Jaws to hunt sea monsters.

Once the Sharkara begins, the warriors cannot return home until they’ve successfully captured a sea monster. The size of the monster does not matter, but in the spirit of the game, the warriors tend to try to find the biggest one they can.

Chief Hallbjorn

Before Chief Alfarin reigned Chief Hallbjorn. Hallbjorn was a powerful warrior and king. One day, Hallbjorn gathered the best warriors of Redwake and started a journey. This journey took him to the Dark Sea. The Dark Sea proved too dangerous for him, however. The warriors who accompanied him were never seen again, though there were rumors that Hallbjorn’s ship was spotted sailing around, covered in a dense fog. Whether these rumors were true or not, everyone who’s heard the rumor agrees on one thing: Hallbjorn was cursed.

Questions For You

Did I miss any Redwake lore? What island do you want me to do next?


i really like how vetex removed surnames from redwake because of how small it is, because that was actually a thing in the past

I love lore :nod:

That’s a ghost ship in the making

now that i think about it, where is the Sameria province? Is it still in the Bronze Sea? Or is it in a different sea?

i think it’s either in the nimbus sea or the sea afterward

Its in the nimbus sea and ruled by unknown queen iirc

Best island

I would live in redwake if I could

redwake is probably one of the most well made areas in the entire game and that makes me happy

I hope we get to see more locations similar to it, perhaps more expanded on too? (assuming vetex gets help from other devs he’s hired)

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Redwake is gonna be so nostalgic in like 5 years

you missed the guy who talked about the secret in redwake

You should do one of these for Ravenna