Explosion has been leaked and possibly Ravenna

show me that lint :hugs: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_imp:

actually I change my MIND again this is my new best friend

Bro really does switch magic every week


I have made a good decision it seems

saw that video, the beam looks a lot better


man of a billion magics
i stick with magma

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sickening to see

Look man I dunno how to stick with a magic

I just keep bouncing around them because most of them are all cool in a different way

except wind fuck wind.

(honestly I should probably stick with explosion I already have an explosion file smh)

woah that’s a really big island

how do I not switch magics every week

I think I might have aboulomania :skull:

realize that with mage you can get 3 magics

ewww but I have dignity and would never stoop that low

m*ges :nauseated_face:

warlocks winning :fist:

can still get 2 magics

well yeah…

but what magic is supposed to be the one I stick with

like how TAITC is wood

thatoneguy is apoc bringer

starfordays light

you, sand

divanochi magma

etc etc

(I mean hey, I’m still blaze, so that’s a good thing at least)

i’m magma now, i’m getting sand as a second


well like ezia is shadow and so on

soo… yeah.

how do I become the man of (one magic)

and not the man of a million?

I mean, being the man of a million does sound cool…

just keep switching until you find one you dont wanna switch from lol


has everyone gone through this?