Explosion magic Guide

We all know that explosion magic is the most destructive magic in the game, many consider it to be bad magic, in many tier lists it have place in a middle of list or even a little higher, personally for me this is the best magic (This is my favorite magic). And as a person who played with it ,over 200+ hours I want to share some tips for playing as Explosive mage

General info

Explosion Magic is a magic that has a focus on destruction rather than damage against enemies. It has the highest destructive power out of all magics, even more than Gold. Similar to Lightning, it clashes well, clears quite a few status effects, and has great status effect interactions. It synergizes best with Fire and Ash. It also synergizes well with Acid, Magma, Wind and Plasma. It is counterproductive to use with Sand, Ink, Ice or Water.


  • Deals 50% more damage if the target is Frozen.

  • Deals 40% more damage if the target is petrified.

  • Deals 20% more damage if the target is Burning.

  • Deals 10% more damage if the target is Melting.

  • Deals 10% more damage if the target is Scorched.

  • Deals 10% more damage if the target is Bleeding.

  • Deals 10% less damage if the target is Soaked

  • Deals 10% less damage if the target is Sandy.

  • Deals 5% less damage if the target is Inked


Beam_explosion Explosion_blast High_jump_explosion Self_explsion_explosion
Explosion lose against: Lightning , Plasma ,Iron and Gold magic


Currently (2020 y.) we have only 2 bosses: Minotaur and Exiled.
The_Exiled_Boss.PNG The_minotaur

The only good tactic against them is…Createing a gigantic hole in surface and trap them there and after just spamming with spells.The only problem is that bosses have some Mid-air attacks soo they will jump some time, and there are some chance that they will jump out of your trap while attacking you ‘-’


Well on main file where i played for ~220 hours i killed 262 players, and the main tip that i can give you…You can control FPS and landscape with your magic.

  • “FPS control” - i think you know what is it, Explosion magic creates many particles that cause lags.

  • “Landscape control” - your magic can create a large holes in nearly any surface, destroy structures and TREES, yee no more hide-and-seek in forests only battel!

  • Oh and ye, dont fight in rainy weather and use more AoE weapon abilities, cause bleeding = more damage ; soaking = less damage

My personal Spells

Q - Normal blast

E - Placed explosion

*R - Triple blast

F - 100% High Jump (Forward )

V - Self explosion

C - Mini blast (everything on 20%, cause minimum destruction and maximum damage)

X - Mini beam (everything on 30-40%, less size means more damage and more range)

Z - Normal beam

Well its all for now…Bey

You did credit Meta for 90% of this right? Anyways, Explosion is around high B to low A tier as it’s very good with its size but Water just does it all better.

Hmm, those descriptions look very familiar.

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