Explosion magic has no variarions so share your ideas to an explosion magic user

give your explosion magic variant ideas to an explosion magic user

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Vet could make add different colors based on chemicals or isotopes

In which case there would be a lot of variations - a lot more than what crystal has



does it need variations? like some magics just don’t need them. it doesn’t make sense. When something blows up it looks the same just bigger or smaller.

yeah it doesn’t really need it imo

rainbow is magic!! ze~!

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I know somewhere people mentioned a blue and purplish variant called supernova, and I liked it

“fallout” - a darker colored explosion with more smoke

“supernova” - a purple/pink version of explosion

bruh literally my idea LMAO

just enjoy our ordinary explosions!

smokey explosion :drooling_face:

a supernova is not blue and purple. it is death incarnate. everything within 10 light years is certain to die.

big explosions cause blast waves tho

light blue explosion called “shockwave”

I didn’t mean to make an idea of explosion based on blast wave… (Trust)

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