Extremely rough idea of what I am currently drawing right now



Dragon cross of jesus boat?

I dont know.

honestly if this was professionally rendered by some godtier artist in photoshop
it’d probably look fantastic

True anything done by them looks brilliant.

Dinosaur toy with glued on googly eyes destroys stickman with a private multi-layered rock and a private boat that has a weird shaped sail

Is that sharpedo bluff?

Sharpedo? No I am currently in the midst of drawing the actual thing but here is where I got the overall design from

Talking about this:

Not really but it seems a little close.

Sneak peek


got bored so I did a quick sketch over the original image
honestly I have no clue what you were originally drawing so I just guessed

if it is as I imagined, neat

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Looks close to mine, just a bit more different. I am almost done with the actual thing.

Here is the actual drawing.