Fairy tail

Guild Name: Fairy tail
Guild Status: **Light **
Guild Owner: Mauricio

-There is no level requirement to enter this guild, there are only certain rules that are mandatory to follow but those you can see within the discord’s server, I am new creating a guild so I am open to any suggestion. here we support each other, there will be events every week of raid bosses, giveaways, among many other things.
description here


roblox: Mauricio520

I don’t think many ppl wanna join a guild based on a very shitty anime lol

No offense

WoM and AA took heavy inspiration from that ‘very shitty anime’

Still bad anime even vetex admitted to it lol

Ok tbf season one was decent but the rest is hot garbage

np it does not offend me, but there are several people who also like this anime for example, the creators of whom They were based on
this anime to make the magic system but okay
everyone has their opinion

power of friendship bad
overused trope

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