False bans worries

im the only one that worried about getting false banned and never being able to play the game? i heard stories of people getting false bans by the system and my laptop barely can run a recording program or cliping one, even OBS starts killing my laptop after 3 minutes, so i cant even record any proof (i do have frame drops even with graphics set on 1), any idea on how i could avoid this or what to do if it happens, i would suck it up if it was a temp ban but i think the anti-cheat bans are perm.
I farm merlot to get his drops (surprisingly, T jumping is a good way to dodge his attacks) and i rlly fear the anti-cheat might think i use a exploit to kill him


Apparently Medal is better.

Most are false , do not worry so much that you never do anything considered an exploit , that 's fine , yes there have been cases where unfair bans have happened but they are probably reviewing and improving the problem , anyway just play safe , without example getting level max before having 5 hours of gameplay

ya i guess, this mostly came bc of merlot but also bc im worried some game bugs could trick the anti-cheat to do a ban, im not a game expert, but that also doesnt help my fear

nah merlot doesnt ban anyone. only real false bans you should (or shouldnt) worry about is leveling too fast (which doesnt need proof u can just say “check stats”), or killing revon right after calvus (in which only high agility users can manage to do but it basically never happens)

any other false bans arent real false bans (at least from anticheat) and is just an actual exploiter complaining.

if you still worry, i recommend trying medal (settings to potato mode so your laptop doesnt explode)

well ur a game moderator so i guess i can take ur word (and calling my laptop potato is giving too much credit to it, god cant wait for summer to finally buy a good pc)

Medal is all reliable + it’s fun recording clips for funny moments in game

keep going AO Mr beast, I will watch your career with great interest.

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