Familiarity System For Files

Familiarity System For Files
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Im pretty sure this is going to be a problem in the future but levelling up your file from, let’s say 1 to 500, is going to be a pain. Considering vetex nerfed the fastest way to level up, which is cargo trading which has their xp reduced by half, levelling up would be significantly slower.

Sure you could argue that in the future there would be a lot of activities to level up from, but you’re forgetting the huge xp requirement that comes along with high levels.


  • If you have a highest level file with more than 125 level difference, then the rest of the files will gain a status called Familiarity which has a description of: “You feel like you’ve done this before already but can’t quite get your head around it.

  • Familiarity system will be based around your highest file level. The rest of your files will gain an xp boost when completing quests ( Main and side quests ) depending on the level of your highest file.

  • Every level range would give an xp boost to quests. How it would work:
    1 - 125 Level Difference: 0% Boost
    126 - 250 Level Difference: 10% Boost
    251 - 375 Level Difference: 15% Boost
    376 - 500 Level Difference: 20% Boost
    501 - 625 Level Difference: 25% Boost
    626 - 750 Level Difference: 30% Boost
    751 - 875 Level Difference: 35% Boost
    876 - 1000 Level Difference: 40% Boost

  • To further explain, if your highest file level has 614 and your other file is only level 38 then “614 - 38 = 576” which means that the level 38 file only receives 25% xp boost when doing quests.
  • If the level 38 file finally got up to level 198 but your highest file is still level 614 then “614 - 198 = 416” which means that the level 198 file will now have their xp boost down to 20% xp boost.

  • This system makes it so that your new file will be able to somewhat catch up with your main file with the diminishing boost, that is if you aren’t a new player.

End note:
I don’t want the boost to also affect xp gain from activities like fishing, treasure hunting and so on since I feel like the main way to level up in an mmorpg should just be quests in my opinion.


Gonna be honest I think this feature would work better if it ONLY affected alternate exp gain sources and ignore quests.

Ehhhh, ngl it’s better to put it only in quests since they give more xp than side activties and because the game’s based around the story. Problem is that level requirements forces you to do side activities which is kinda bad for an mmorpg.

Side activities shouldn’t be mandatory just to continue the story quest that you’ve already done. I’ve seen some suggestions about making quests give guaranteed levels instead of xp but that would just make new players ignore side activities that allows them to get gears around their level range.

So with all that in mind, I just went with the xp boost being only for quests so that not one option is overshadowed in terms of levelling up your new file. Main and side quests mainly for xp gain but side activities will be for both xp and items.

I’d be against it if it wasn’t for the fact that you got the xp boost % pretty well. Though just as the other people said, I think its better to have the xp boost other things aside from quests as they would actually impact it. Story quests usually are only meaningful early.

Ig we’ll see if vetex somewhat gets an idea from the suggestion. Highly doubt this would even be considered since vetex nerfed cargo trading which is the fastest way to level up rn, so I’m assuming vetex hates things that allows players to speedrun levels.

But well, it doesnt hurt to try ig

How many hours would you say it took to get from 1-125 before the nerf?

Average is around 9 hours pre-dark sea. I’ll assume it got boosted down to 7 hours since double carry in the dark sea update made loading cargos faster. So ig about 10.5 hours from 1-125 after the nerf

Maybe have a toggle for it for players that want to do challenge speedruns and stuff. Otherwise, I like it–though maybe buff the numbers slightly.


Ok, the nerf shouldn’t affect leveling all that then. I managed about 9hrs while never touching cargo (and wasting time leveling mastery)

I mean unlike other alternatives to levelling, cargos rn give xp based on your xp requirement so overall, cargo trading is still the most efficient since eventually other side activities wont catch up to the humongous xp requirement.

Leaving only main/side quests and cargo, unless vetex also gives cargos a fixed xp gain instead of percentage, though I guess it makes sense since side activities should only be for essentials like money and items

Aside from quests I’m pretty sure everything else is % based? lol
Diving spots give 50% and explosive barrels 20% i believe, just as some examples
Forgot the % for treasure charts

Wait fr? Damn hold on, lemme try diving spots on a new file

yeah dude basically everything is % based

Like you said, we don’t really need this at our level, and the suggestion won’t have a meaningful impact for hundreds of levels.
I don’t really see the value in making speculative suggestions to solve a problem that we might (or might not) encounter 5 years from now.

I don’t know what problems the game will have when we’re at level 700, but I do know that when we’re level 700, we’ll be able to come up with far better solutions to those problems than anything dreamed up half a decade in the past by people imagining what the game might look like.

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Yeah did some testing and found out charts give lotsa xp, rare+ treasure charts give more than lesser rarities too so ig all that people need to do is explore and collect stuff in the game ig

Pretty much disregard this suggestion

sounds cool but you scaled it way too high on levels
they should just be half

If it doesn’t affect quests, I think it’s fair tbh

Yet again, people discover that playing the game is actually an effective way of levelling up.

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I guess this feature would only make grinding faster, which doesn’t feel needed right now. Yes, you can say that the more levels you have, more exp you need to reach higher levels, but since the exp from story quests gets progressively better, leveling up isn’t a problem. Also, I think the level requirements for the story quests makes the player explore the world and not just follow an extremely linear path of doing one story quest and immediately going to the next until they run out.

Yeah but here’s the thing, people don’t want to waste too much time levelling up a new file :sob: