Fanart: King Calvus IV

My first art of the year 2024! IT’S CALVUS!??!

Reference used


YESS! LETS GOOOO! :poggers2:

We eating good tonight!! :shallow_pan_of_food::fire::fire:

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I love stuff like this

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LET HIM COOK BRO COOKED no but fr this is amazing

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im no longer malnourished


What is going on with the banners at the back. I noticed them because the lighting was good but upon closer inspection the swords on them appear to have really long handles.

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Idk, I found a screenshot of his throne room and used it as background LOL

I remember figthing it for the first time. My little cousin was in the same room and when he entered in his 2nd phase he said ‘’ Is that super sayan?!", heh

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you shouldve punted your little cousin /j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j/j/j/j/jj/j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j/jj//j/j/j/j/j/j/j//j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j//jj//jj//j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/j/jj/j/j/j/j/j

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That’s… manly as fuck holy shit