Fat fish good at pvp (how)

idk how but i somehow just killed black bulls member who had suken sword and oathkeeper 3 times and got like 10 infamy
update: i think he doing something with his client now since he suddenly started hiting his shots no matter where they hit
edit: some random gm is helping me kill him and his client stoped beingt sstrnage
edit: pinged my server and nowall of armada is here and teh server has 500 ping (geko is angry doh)
edit: server imploded and i now have 49- infamay while also having 5 infamay in the guild (vetex is funny man)
edit: black bulls loged and so did armada my comptuer is now not a pressure cooker bomb


swag fish


swag fish


swag fish

no wonder, they get all their infamy from alt farming so ofc theyre bad at pvp

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It might just be targeting weak guilds, playing 24/7, and logging when there’s a threat. Either that or they’re alt farming really secretly bcs they’re taking it slower than the other alt farmers and they still haven’t been caught yet. Therefore, I have reason to suspect that they’re just absolute no-lifes that log when attacked. After all this time no-one has recorded alt farming or anything, but that’s bcs like I said, they could just be doing it rlly secretly.

I still think at this point Black Bulls aren’t alt farming, they’re just using every underhanded method known to man.

cute fish

Um. Dude isn’t black bulls alt farming? That’s not really that impressive

1: i was the litteral worse pvper in wom a month ago
2: he had way better gear
3: he was attacking me directly ( idk about you but i dont seem like a black bulls alt)

go back to your rper guild

fart fish




@Tobi u gonna take this heat?

Mhm. I was one of the worse a month ago too.

What does that have to do with him alt farming

What does that have to do with anything?

I don’t think you understand.

Im saying they alt farm

them alt farming doesent make every kill they do a alt farm

fish head

But it gives a hint on what type of pvper they are. Also the fact I still got you low after you 2v1d me while I had over 4000 ping should give it away that they’re alt farming

you beat

fat fish with the help of someone else

good job


I literally soloed you twice.

My friend folded you and your more skilled member as well.

And you had trouble fighting me while my hp was at 340.

I was two shots away from getting blasted and yet you got low.

We only 2v1d you once and then you lost against me twice.


smear hadnt played for 2 months and i hadnt for a entire month and i was using light magic

also im not a sweaty try hard and have trash gear

I haven’t played dragon ball final stand in a year. I came back and was still smacking everyone.

Rust isn’t an excuse just fight a little and you’ve already got your skill back

be one