Favorite boss/enemy theme?

just what the title is pretty much, what is your favorite boss/enemy theme from any game and why

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Hearing Quirrel Kasshaaa! is just amazing

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true jams

this, this one. Out of every game (and touhou game) i have played it suits the battle WAY to well. The song genuinely makes you feel like you are fighting the fucking sun and it fits because i mean you are literally fighting a stupid 40 IQ bird that can throw them, the music also synergizes with her EXTREMELY powerful and overwhelming bullet power ingame and makes for one of the most suiting songs i’ve ever listened to.

But getting my touhou bias out of the way it probably goes to


OMORI OST - 168 OMORI - YouTube
This, this is probably one of my favorites of all time. You (sunny) are literally fighting the embodiment of your overwhelming guilt, ontop of OMORI basically telling you that you deserve to die and the song getting more fucked up as you fight him is really encapsulates what guilt and trauma feels like, 11/10 would cry again.

Honorable Mention:

I could write something really deep and heartfelt about this song but bro just listen to it ong it goes so hard :heart_eyes:

If you have ever listened to the calamity ost you cannot tell me this song goes hard, especially with how overpowering the boss is in the newest updates (SFX and Attackwise), i cannot stress enough how ballers this song is

Listening to this song while barely alive honestly is what led me to beat the boss i ong don’t get how people think this theme is bad :person_shrugging: , sounds extremely badass imo

just fucking listen to it. the way it perfectly blends the two main motifs of the game that you have been hearing for most of said game into this awesome as fuck theme, finishing off the fight with malladus, and the way it starts off right where the sacred duet ends, it’s just wonderful. the spirit pipes that play the motifs just make it even better.

most final boss themes are all dark and “there’s no hope of you winning”, or “this is a threat beyond your comprehension”, this one is “you are winning, and the fight is practically over” and it’s great. the battle itself while easy is just completely perfect with this song, not to mention the way you actually attack malladus being a perfect way for Zelda to do shit, the wonderful end of the only Zelda game where Zelda actually helps you

this song such a banger for what is basically woman megaman, rest of the ost is a bop as well, worth a listen

This,wow it’s just such a good track for one of my favourite bosses.(the sealed vessel theme is great too!)

A very tense and epic track for the boss that you are fighting.

An epic track for a 100 hour journey across Elden ring

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most based one here

since fucking when
Last Battle from Cave Story was like Megalovania before Megalovania was even a thing people loved it