Favorite class to pvp with?

Personally, I really enjoy mage pvp (not the braindead metal 500+ beam stuff tho), it’s smooth, relatively easy to pick up, and I like the flexibility I get with my spells. Also x2 arrow blast is INSANELY useful and is essentially a direct upgrade to the normal blast

What do you guys like?

i miss when crash was actually fast and it made up for thermos low dps

Savant, since this class can be considered the same as the other class, you can learn versatility during such battle.

Although, others gives a more complex scene conpared to a still unawakened potential savant. I think savant is fun to pvp with, that is for sure.

i havent seen much savant pvp recently but i remember an ice savant that was cracked. his name headphones this was like atleast 6months ago thoe since i seen em pvp

Honestly really love weapons and fighting style hybrids to play as, but I don’t like warlord for some reason…

Ice conjuror and Vitality savant are two of my favorite classes to play

I honestly don’t know. Magic feels nice even though I sometimes rushdown with it rather than zone.

Any Strength build, they are pretty fun and easy to use

Probably one of the weapons classes, I like the skill of getting off a tempered piercing or power shot is nice. Other than that, some kind of strength class, very fun to get up close and personal.


fast fighting style builds

Mage class
even though I barely use mage in PVP it’s also the class I like most
smooth WoM aiming back again

Huge variety of combos to choose from
Fun to use
A bit less braindead than mages

I like any class that involves magic or fighting styles. Just found weapons to be really boring imo… we will see about the spirit ones.

Mage with my admittedly not very good build but I get good damage I think. I just need to practice hitting beams in air as they’re definitely my favourite tool. I also like using the occasional water snare ‘Pond’ and if that’s not peak naming idk what is

mage and conj

Attack speed mages or warriors… or conj and paladin ig

I main warlock and paladin. I might make a warlord file soon and probably a knight file as well. I’d imagine both of those would be super fun

I’m sorry, what

(actually I guess that kinda makes sense since there’s powermaxxer mages, but aren’t there powermaxxer warriors???)

Just a little bit ok

I’m having a hard time understanding how one of the biggest size abusers in AO currently isn’t just as braindead as a metalmaxxer