Favorite Fan-Work? (Fan Fiction, Fan Games, Fan Music .etc)

Pretty Self-Explanatory, it can be from any kind of Media, honestly.

don’t judge people
I don’t want this thread to be closed


Pretty much everything stupendium.

@RighteousPebble on twitter does a lot of great Hytale fanart.

^ Click this to view more.

Slamma on Youtube also does Hytale stuff.

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LISA: The Hopeful, LISA: The Pointless (and the mod for it: scholar of wilbur sin), LISA: The Vegaful,any major terraria mod that isnt a QoL mod, roman mythology and literally any fighting animation

I have a few so i might as well list it here

Dayshift at Freddy's (Series)

The fan game that made me make this thread in the first place
The ever infamous FNAF Fan-game visual novel with fucked up humor that still holds up today.
The piece of media that made me genuinely love the character of a fucking child murderer.
Oh god I really wanted to gush about this game and I finally have the chance
damn where do I start

First of all, the creator, DirectDoggo has gone out of his way to create his OWN FNAF universe where things come out almost entirely differently to the main series of games, such as minor things like the main character being called Jack Kennedy (mainly just called “Old Sport” in-game) and not Michael Afton, Phone Guy being an actual tangible character with a phone for a head and an Ascended Extra, and more major things, like Henry being the True Antagonist of the Entire Series, and The Puppet and The Phone Guy from the 2nd DSAF games being revealed as Jack’s Dead Younger Sister and Older Brother respectively.

And I might as well gush about Purple Guy now. Dave Miller is so surprisingly well written for a Child Murderer that he’s absurdly hard to hate once you’ve fully finished playing the whole series. He provides the majority of the humor with his stupid text-to-speech voice. And I can’t just stop without mentioning that he gets by far the most character development in the series, being the Main Antagonist of the first 2 games (granted you don’t do either of the “Evil” endings), and being the Deuteragonist in the final, 3rd game in the series (Regardless of what path you take). With his whole character arc in the 3rd game trying to right his wrongs and redeem himself after killing all those kids.

Overall, fucking fantastic visual novel series that has some shockingly sad endings in the 3rd game. (Mainly in the True Good Ending and the True Evil Ending)

Some Miscellaneous Animations from 2 Channels I enjoy

Although they’re pretty inactive as of currently I decided to put these 2 in the same spot because these 2 channels are basically my inspirations for starting to draw and stuff.
the 2 channels being PeaTea64 and LeatherIceCream, they create Mega Man/Kirby animations and TBOI animations respectively.
gonna list 2 of my favorite of their works here:

The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth/Repentance

Yup. This was so good that Edmund decided to work with the creators of the mod to actually make it an official expansion. With about 2 new characters (Bethany and Jacob & Esau), a fuck ton of new items, and an entirely new Ending and Path.
This alongside a kick ass soundtrack made it basically legendary in the community
here’s a few of my favorites from the ost

yeah this was great

Mega Man Zero Rezurrection

As much as I wanna gush about X Corrupted again I might as well talk about a more niche MM Fangame that’s coming up
Ah yes
I’ve followed this game for a while now and the devs are VERY active
they do livestreams every once in a while showing their progress and stuff
it’s always great to see
here’s some of the work they’ve done

idk glitchtale ig

minecraft parodies