Favorite letter of the alphabet?

(cant do poll feature because 20 poll limit)

I voted L because that’s what I relate to the most…

X makes anything significantly cooler.

iPhone? Boring. iPhone X? Wow that so cool!
SpaceX, Google X? It improves all words.

“C” has too many functions already. Leave the k sound to “k”. Leave the s sounds to “s”. “C” should make the ch sound. English should be phonetically consistent.

Also, p q b d are just rotated versions of one another. They should become more unique.

X should be replaced by ks. Q should be abolished. Sh and Th should be given a letter (bring back þorn now). Ph should be abolished. Ough should be abolished. At this point, make a new language.

Well yeah but then something like s would need to replace when c is used to make an s sound

What about ch

Give it a letter.

K can be beautiful.

H for horny

H is a good letter in my opinion, actually.
Is there a situation where someone went ahead of you? Show dismay quickly by saying “h”.
Is there a situation where you don’t want to answer a question? Say “h”.
Overall, H is my favorite letter.

“U” fulfills the same purpose.

F is the best letter since it’s the first letter of my favorite word
and that word is Fuck Food



S and I for Skill Issue

a [3 Characters]

not voting because all letters matter




M for maids

S for SUFFER IN HELL (no offence)