Favorite magic and why?

Just a survey, I wanna know your favorite magic(s) just because.
If possible also include a variant (such as swamp water, Blue ink, Birch wood, etc.)

Edit: mines is probably Poison (Venom varient), or warm air.

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rose gold
it looks cool ok

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Light Midnight Varient because it looks good, is fast, and isn’t wood

ooo that reminds me
for my char i used for beta test 1 and 3 i used midnight magic
i still have him as like a level <10 but yeah
atm hes gonna be my fighting style char


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Edit: Long term use.

Water (Spring) since blue is one of my favourite colours and I’ve been using water for ages.

Ash because i thought it looked cool in AA, it has a fun gimmick, and really good synergy potential for the friends i thought i’d be playing with (RIP)

I like yellow lightning because it just has a good vibe in my perspective. Blue lightning represents a kind of channeled and precise lightning, purple represents a strong and pretty lightning. But yellow is my favorite because it reminds me of a stunning and paralyzing type of magic. (I don’t even play lightning lmao!1)



Ash I just like the clouds and it’s pretty simple to play with it matches my playstyle

crystal because i’ve been using it since the very start, and the new effect is interesting

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Nasty dragneel

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Wood because i’ve been using since the beginning and loving to Deal comical amounts of damage with bleeding or on fire targets

any type of Fire

Fire, I just really like fire. I also really like nova plasma, it’s a good shade of red and it has similar stats to fire without the downsides (not being able to use it underwater)

Blue lightning visually, cold wind for the funny knockback

It’s fun to mess around with, mainly because of the knockback, and it looks cool.

any cloud magic (ash, poison)
really makes you feel like you have the high ground

or wind because of funny knockback

Explosion because nuke magic.