Favorite Magic color?

I don’t have a favorite variation specifically, but I like a lot of the green colors (Emerald Crystal, the cooler Acid) and Bedrock Earth. If there was a Bluesteel variant of Metal Magic, that’d be up there too.

Conversely, I HATE Venom Poison and Nova Plasma, so it pains me to see that those are the variants you see whenever Poison or Plasma Magic are brought up. Hell, the UGC Plasma Magic Circle is Nova instead of the base Gamma, which irritates me to no end. I also mentioned purple Acid, which is fine, but I just like the green variant more.

tl;dr I despise the color red.

Whatever color fire/inferno is

I like yellow thunder more than any other thunder, spring water is my goto, and green ice is also pretty cool, also FUCK you nova is perfectly appealing

Swamp water
Canyon sand
Warm wind
Purple lightning

desert sand and warm wind for maximum pharaohs curse

Shadow supremacy

i like gamma plasma

Sweet hell, people with the right opinion EXIST!


Moonlight, Spring, Tropical, Nova and Gamma, Darksteel, and Coastal are nice jokes aside.

Anything blue/teal

teal lightning, gamma plasma, green acid, tourmaline crystal

Tourmaline (due to Misinput)
Cold and Neutral Wind
Base water
Bsse acid
Base metal

And more

In all, I like all the magic colours. Although, I have a particular liking for pure white or black

Fire Magic
Nova Plasma
Abyss Water

teal lighting
and amethyst crystal

Anything that’s grey/white (Base wind magic/snow magic)

Abyss water,
Nova Plasma,
Yellow Lightning,
Green Acid,
Purple Poison,
Rose Gold Metal,
Moonlight Light,
Cherry Wood (never used wood in my life),
Arctic Ice (also never used ice), Warm Wind (not used)

Rancid piss Crystal

cold wind