Favorite pokemon rival?

its just the title, talk about your favorite rival here.

please put any spoilers in a spoiler box


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can list all for me to decide pls :heart:

I love galarian hau


idk i kinda like klara cuz she’s an asshole
barry’s also pretty funny

don’t really care about rivals either way

Hugh from pkmn black and white 2 is by far my favourite. He’s one of the very few rivals who go into the journey with a goal other than “I wanna be the champion”, and he has a decent reason to back it up. Hugh’s journey isn’t some vague overly-used trope of “finding yourself on the journey to nowhere”; he wants revenge on the people who stole his sister’s pokemon.

And he does eventually find his sister’s purrloin, except now its fully evolved and works for team plasma

he also beat the shit out of a team plasma grunt and I think it’s funny

smh why do people go into the bad guy bases with pokemon like I would personally be walking it with an SMG and spraying down every single grunt and pokemon that gets in my way

like fuck battling some ratattas or zubats I can just fucking go murder hobo and save the world even faster


like yeah try resisting lead being impaled into your skull dumbass or go ahead use quick attack pretty sure my bullets quicker tho

the GOAT blue

the original rival and the best in every way

pokemon are capable of shattering concrete (magikarp)

the average pokemon would paste any regular guy without one

alright then I’m using my flamethrower

eat flames haha

don’t think goofy ahh level 14 zubat gonna survive

sorry team plasma grunt A it was not personal

N (3 characters)

N. No other rivals really left as much of an impact and I never played the gen 2 games (or their remakes) but I hear good things about Silver too. I’ve warmed up a lot when it comes to gen 5 to the point where I think it’s my favorite pokemon generation now.

hau vs hop who wins

im gonna be honest, i’ve yet to play black and white or black and white 2, so i can’t say much on n, but he seems like a good rival from the bit i know about him

also his theme is amazing

Wally is a personal favorite

he has a sick ass theme in his final rematch in ORAS

this fucker waltzes in from like the start of the game as this sickly little child who just caught a Ralts to appearing randomly in Victory Road with a fully fucking STACKED team and a Mega Evolution and in the Battle Maison he randomly appears with a FUCKING GARCHOMP. Completely leaving your original rival in the dust. Also he appears as one of the several recurring characters in the S&M battle tree, and got a clutch role in the end of the Ruby and Sapphire chapters of Adventures.

What a baller.

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Oak you piece of shit - Album on Imgur


the quick ball in question:

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what a bad use for your masterball, use it on a weedle or magikarp instead