Favorite spotify song!1! 1😳


a very very reasonable 11,381 times
it is your right

If this is what you use your rights for then you shouldn’t have any at all


11,381 shots of pure suffering concentrate

the pornhub intro

no stop


whats a spotify i only use groove music

you’re just soy because you are too poor for premium

i can afford premium just im not going to spend like 5$ a month to remove ads

Imagine using Spotify, this post was made by Soundcloud gang

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Crab Rave

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chad tier post

take my like homie

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I agree with misinput, spotify premium is kinda of useless although there are a LOT more ads on spotify now

playboy shit - YouTube

my eyes after seeing this image:
shocked and appaled

spotify? more like midify
apple music gang forever :triumph:

me who uses youtube

i just have a youtube playlist and put it in Opera GX for the ad remover :skull: not my normal browser though

same on pc