Favorite type of weather

What type of weather do you enjoy seeing outside?

I personally enjoy when it’s morning and the sun mixes perfectly with the fog


my favorite weather is when it’s like a hundred degrees outside and i can silently laugh at everyone sweating in their t-shirts and shorts and trying to cool off while i vibe in my black hoodie and sweats

I like moderate levels of rain that last for an extended period of time.

Because it’s cold
And people suffer in the cold due to it being one of the most harsh climates on earth

I feel at ease when i kneel down on the snow and ponder:
“How many lives has this cold taken?”

rain, the dark :nod:

i think my favorite type of weather is rain! i don’t like being in rain myself, but listening to it is always really nice

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Of all weathers.

The weather that takes a close second is when it’s raining…

My favorite type is a long lasting heavy thunderstorm during the morning…

It is THE most nostalgic feeling i’ve ever felt.


rain because i dont want to go outside ((even better if its a thunderstorm or typhoon))

rain or fog

just looks nice

Zombie weather (fog and haze) makes me anxious on behalf of my fear of a zombie apocalypse scenario (same reason amber alerts give me a lot of anxiety) so that’s my least favorite weather.

Favorite is probably hard snow or rain. Maybe a storm if it doesn’t look like it’ll give way to a tornado bc those also scare tf out of me

A snowstorm
School gets canceled and you get to chill inside while you can only see 1 m outside the window

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My least favorite whether is… Cold snowstorms.

It is quite literally the text book definition of car crash weather. Because unlike normal snowstorms.

This type of snow is THICC and there’s a 99.9999% chance of it being as slippery as ice. So not only is it the biggest pain in the ass to shovel. What you can get out of it is the soft snow that was covering the thicc ass ice snow that can end your life if you’re going above 20 mph no matter what type of transportation that doesn’t involve trains or above land.

Rain, the more the merrier. It feels and sounds so peaceful and natural. If you don’t know, grab one of those 3 hour study ambience YT videos and youll understand.

Those people who run to cover whenever it rains? Yeah, not me, I stand in it. I only get cold when I go inside and get blasted by AC, so I dont go inside at all. Also if the rain is severe then it can cancel school so that’s always a plus.

A man of culture.

I love being in the rain I have no idea why people don’t.

I guess it’s the mud lol

Sun showers. They are really cool, especially if the rain is light and cool while mixing with the warm sunshine.


I only saw it once and I almost cried cause I was listening to dry hands while watching it.

It is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever witnessed the earth produce.

The combination of the haze and fog and sunlight with the light rain was indescribable.
That my friend is dream weather.

It really is amazing. Too bad it’s so rare :frcryin:

Yeah. I made a promise to myself the next time I ever see a type of weather i’d play this while watching