Fighting Style Focus Vs. Magic Aura: Which is better

What is better in general

  • FS Focus for Iron Leg
  • Magic Aura for Crystal
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bro they’re the same

2 out of 6 fighting styles got extremely good resistance auras so in most cases your best bet is focus

I use iron leg+Crystal

I know one of those is Iron Leg, but what’s the other one?


Does any fs have a good power aura?

well ok idk how big that 0.25 difference actually is
if focus has the same formula as aura then its a bit worse than earth

idk how they compare to aura but anyway youd only use power aura/focus for your main tool so its not really a matter of being good
even if your crystal had the best power aura, it doesnt matter if you fight 90% of the time with iron leg

focus and aura are affected by stat affinities, so for example, iron leg, a heavy fighting style, has a more effective resistance focus compared to thermo fist, but thermo fist has a more effective speed focus effect

yo can you tell me what’s best for sailor style

wdym? Look at the chart

no it doesent, the balancers made it so that speed affinity no longer effects the speed aura/focus for some reason, now auras such as light, lightning, and thermo are worse for no reason

speed affinity no longer affects focus or aura, not sure about other affinities but ik balance team wanted all focus/auras to be equalized,

didn’t know that. pretty sure it’s still the case for other stats though