Fighting Style Idea: Sentry Style

Fighting Style Idea: Sentry Style
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“Like a stalwart guardian, stand your ground, become an immovable object.”

Sentry style focuses on a more grounded type of playstyle versus the commonly used midair style combat of AO. This is all due to its unique gimmick.

“Eliminate your foes who dare use the skies against you”

Gimmick: Damage dealt with Sentry Style moves deal more damage the closer you are to the ground directly below you, with the maximum amount of damage being dealt while you are standing on the ground. (and in some cases, dmg dealt can be even greater than iron leg)

At the point of impact, where damage is actually being dealt to the opponent, the game will detect your location and determine how far away you are from ground in the same position below. This will default to ocean level if there is no solid ground beneath you and you’re above the ocean, or if underwater, the sea floor or any sea structure if there if one below. The damage output at that time will be deducted from the distance between you and whatever surface below you.
Note: The only exception to this rule is Smash. Since smash will always make you travel straight downwards when used, instead, damage calculation will be a low base damage that is increased the further you are away from the ground when activated. In other words, the complete opposite of the gimmick applies for smash only.

“Stand your ground. Become immovable. Never to be knocked down.”

Passive: Enhanced blocking and stun recovery

Because this fighting style focuses on you staying on the ground, you are more vulnerable to attacks as they can hit you more easily. To balance this, the blocking power should be increased slightly to be at least a tiny bit better than regular blocking. I also think that since this fighting style also focuses on being “tanky” and being immovable, they should also have better recovery from stuns, about half as long to recover from a stun. For example, if you get hit with paralyzed for 3 seconds, you will recover in 1.5 seconds.

I know there were plenty of low quality fighting styles being suggested recently, and I think it’s because they fail to nail down a unique gimmick to their fighting style idea. I think that this gimmick should be somewhat simple to implement into the game while being unique enough to be it’s own thing. Also, the values I’ve presented are not absolute. That is up to development to balance this fighting style out, should this ever be added.


awesome idea to never be added in the main game because vetex doesn’t really listen to his community :smiley: :+1:

would be pretty cool if it had earth magic like effects at high mastery.
But still, it’s a pretty good idea for a fighting style. :>

Its good but in the current agility based meta and how fast fighting usually is now, it might not have a good place in the current meta

Imagine this fighting style with thermo fist. My man will become Texas from Them fighting herds.

Dealing with the agility meta would just boil down to punishing them during their very short amount of endlag. Unfortunately not much you can do about them peppering you from afar with this style.

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Definitely one of the more balanced and reasonable of the suggested fighting styles. One suggestion: maybe make its Crash move go a bit further than usual horizontally to allow it to catch more agile attackers.

then we could have
metal - iron leg
water - sailor
fire - thermo
lightning - knocking
wind - boxing
earth - sentry

Stand your ground

boxing has left the chat
maybe instead increase the time window of a parry instead of purely increasing blocking power?

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