Fighting style skill requirements

What are the Strength stat requirements for each fighting style technique?

from the fighting style types card

I mean the techniques, not the fighting styles themselves.

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This is for first obtaining the fighting style, it doesn’t show the technique levels

oh im not sure how many techniques each fighting style has each, but if its a similar amount to magics u can prob expect the stat reqs to be similar

All fighting styles get Crash, Smash, Rushdown, Shot, Focus, and Airstep.

15 for crash, +30 between every technique (so 45, 75, 105, 135, 175)

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Thanks! Where was this?

It was mentioned on discord I believe

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Nevermind i was wrong, crash is 30 so add 15 to everything i said

Diva messed up their math a little
It’s 30,60,90,120,150,180, although I personally believe they should all be reduced by 10 for reasons

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Why ten less, wouldn’t that mean crash at level ten?

It would allow hybrids to have crash at level 20

I thought you’d get two points per level

Yea, which is the intention cause that’s when weapons get their first (three) abilities

And magic gets their first skill for free
That would be really fair for fs

well, yeah

fighting styles have m1s and weapons have m1s

The difference weapons have ranged m1s, and they also get 3 weapon skills at level 10, while fighting styles get 1 ability and close ranged m1s

Each weapon gets all three skill at lvl 10 actually?