Fighting Style Stats

Hey, was reading through the balancing document and saw that fighting styles have separately listed stats that are not publicly available at the moment, does anyone have either a full or incomplete list of stats for these fighting styles?

I wanted to make the highest possible mobility build in the game and ran into the problem of not knowing which fighting style has the highest speed stat.

Thermo fist has highest speed but idk it’s stats and don’t think it affects agility j attack speed

Boxing has higher “projectile” speed while Thermo has higher casting speed.

So a Boxing crash should go further and faster but a Thermo crash comes out faster (the difference is very small iirc so doesn’t really matter)

I had a list of their stats somewhere and I lost it my bad for fumbling

Where’d u get the stats from?

Just from what testers have said, we don’t have all the exact stats until the “mentors list fighting style stats in the learning menu” idea from the balance patch is added, we just know the stats from the doc and vague descriptions like “x does most damage” and “x is fastest”