Fighting Style Suggestion : Weaving Fist

Fighting Style Suggestion : Weaving Fist
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What it is, and how it works.

Weaving Fist

This fighting style is based on dodging until your opponent is exhausted and then taking them down with almost dance-like attacks. These dodges will activate automatically, and you will have to enter a stamina draining mode that after you activate, will go on a 2 minute cooldown to limit people spamming it throughout fights. Once your number of dodges(vetex controls to so it isn’t broken af) has been exhausted, you will be able to use attacks like jabs and kicks to deal damage.
Some examples are observation Haki in one piece image
And sharingan in the Naruto Universe
I think my gif’s broke, but google “observation haki” and “sharingan dodge” and you’ll understand what I mean.

Example I made

(The fist is the icon btw)

Reason to add

I think something like this fighting style should be added because first of all, this is cool as heck and second of all, it would add more variety to the somewhat lacking fighting style list we have right now.

Tell me your criticisms below, and I will address them accordingly.

So basically a counter to melee users by the press of a button?

Not really, It has a dodge limit and just being ready to dodge drains stamina.
I think the most dodges you should be able to have at all should be 4.

Interesting idea, I personally like the concept cause I’m a sucker for fluid dodging. Though I feel like it would be pretty tough to implement. Would you be able to avoid magic attacks like blasts as well? Or would it just be melee attacks?

Also, since the emphasis seems to be on the dodging, maybe it would work better as a Lost Technique? You can activate the dodging technique then switch to whatever fighting style you have to counter.


Ultra instinct ftw


I like the concept, though yeah idk how it will turn out

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So Ultra Instinct.

I’m on the fence about this one because It sounds very cool, but being able to automatically dodge is busted, even with a dodge limit.

It’s more like a get out of jail free card rather than a fighting style.

What happens when you’re faced with an attack twice as big as your character? Would weaving fist dodge that as well?

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Hmm, I guess there would be a dodge range as well because if it can dodge things like that it would be wayy too busted.

functionally it sounds kind of strange; having dodges being automatic makes it feel a little less interactive than i’d like it to be and having a limited number of dodges + a cooldown makes my skin wrinkle for the same reason i fucking hate the current high jump nerfs (thank god for AO)

i like the general idea though, might come up with something of my own here in terms of functionality

Too op

it can be nerfed smh

yeah maybe to like 1 dodge max and it takes 15 seconds to charge it

K cool I’m not the only one who hates that kind of cooldown
Monke brain doesn’t want to manage his dodge count mid fight

Its named fist anyways

Honestly this seems overpowered to have automatically activated dodges but a mobility based style would be interesting.

I like this idea because characters that can beat their opponent through sheer fluidity and smoothness is very cool in my opinion. However probably gonna need some balancing

ok hear me out but instead of automatic dodges, it replaces block and it removes the blocking cooldown but the dodges only happen if you get a ‘perfect block’ timing.
if its like this then it prolly would be better off as a lost technique

EDIT: replacing your blocks with dodges that activate on ‘perfect’ timing will be a reward for skillful plays so i think its feasible. though i think it shouldnt let you dodge AOE attacks, so maybe it just sticks to regular blocking in cases like that

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i thought they were all mobility based :frcryin:

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