Fighting styles question and hopes


I made this post just to see if anyone else shares my ideas and hope, so don’t take it too seriously and hope it’s a good read.

I was thinking, (i know, sometimes my genius scares me) that maybe the reason because vetex made the awakening of berserker so similar to those of mage is because lost and ancient fighting styles/magics will require more that one slot to learn.
(yes, I really took all this time just to arrive to this conclusion)

Kind of like this:
Basic fs/magic - > 1 slot
Lost … 2 slots
Ancient… 3 slots

Also I hope that a Fs with poison reference will be added, really like those in martial arts stories.

The one I thought of is this:

Viper’s fist

Developed by tropical tribes to survive in their harsh environment, it was later refined by professional assassins, becoming a deadly tool.
The user consumes poison, learning to incorporate it in his/hers attacks.
Increasing the mastery, a user can use deadlier poisons and increase his/hers own poison resistance.
True masters can even learn to cure themselves with poison.

Like it?

Thanks for reading and cya

If by more than one slot, you mean it will use up 2 slots? No.

If by more than one slot, you mean more advanced techniques and magic will only be able to be used in slots 2 and 3? Yes.

Thank for the reply.
If it’ll really be like that than I am kinda of disappointed.
Not a fan of the idea of having multiple fighting styles just to change from one to the other, just my opinion.

Moreover if it actually was like that it would mean that even hybrid would have access to the best fighting styles.
Don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right to me.
They can have lost since they are also strength builds, you know what I mean?

But I just feel like the best (ancient, what they’ll be, I don’t know) Fs should only be available to pure strength build, just like artisan weapons for warrior and (hopefully) ancient magics.

Just my opinion

At this point I’m just ranting on, so ignore me if I annoy you.

I was just thinking what warlocks’ll have as unique jimmick, since now that dev gave some build unique objects, everyone will want one.

(Hope dev already has ideas for them, because the other hybrid builds won’t let him off with just spirit weapons.
Don’t give up and good luck)

I read something in a random post about a ‘magic fist’ that was a thing in the past.
Maybe that?
Like a fs more powerful than normal, but with skills that require both str and mag?
Or magic/str scroll techniques?
Personally feels better about the second.

Warlord are perfect as they are imo.
Str weapons as unique weapons and access up to lost fs with 2nd awak.

Would have made instruments weapons the unique Weapon for wpn/vit hybrid (yes, I know that it doesn’t go well with the theme of knight) to lessen the work.

The only support to this theory is the commonplace idea that ‘music moves the soul’?
And you need expertise to use an instrument.
Therefore wpn/vit hyb.

About paladin and juggernaut unique I sincerely have no idea, but I’m sure that dev or someone else will have a good idea.

All this just to say that simply having access to more fs as awak for berserkers just doesn’t feels right to me, especially when everyone else can already do it from the first moment of gameplay( 3 Weapon slot).

For mages it can still kinda work for sinergy, but I’m sure complaints will arrive on that front too.

It’s kinda the idea of quantity doesn’t beat quality, know what I mean?

Still think that the game is incredible thought.

If you arrived until here I hope to not have been too much of a nuisance.

Ty for the attention and cya.

P. S.

Just adding this for myself or anyone that want to read.

The idea at the base of this post is that every build have (will have) at least one unique Weapon/accessory and one strengthing awakening( imbuement, aura,…), one that increase the overall power of the build.

While the other awakening allows for different kinds of the same build (2nd magic, Fs and whatever else.