Files yes

will your AO files be in a Clan, Grand Navy, Assassination Syndicate, or Clanless

1st: Clanless
2nd: Clan
3rd: Grand Navy
4th: Grand Navy
5th: Assassination Syndicate
6th: Assassination Syndicate

clanless only

  1. Clanless I want for my character to be a good person but still despise the Gravy because of some of the things they do and how they aren’t the best at what they do (like Theos to the AG and The Exiled to the MC).

I don’t currently have any other files planned.

1st. clan (remaking of the ag)
2nd. clan (making of the arcane revolutionary)
3rd. grand navy
4th. grand navy
5th. clan (warvale)
6th. clan (redvane, maybe)
idk i think i accidently replied to u

and then more accounts for just making up random guilds, like remaking of magic council, unknowns, uhh idk, one shot pirates.

wait no its gna be

  1. Arcane Revolutionary (clan)
  2. Arcane Government (clan)
  3. Grand Navy
  4. Assassins Syndicate
  5. Warvale (Main clan)
  6. Redvane (A clan I might make)

how would you remake the ag

making a clan, naming it the arcane government, putting the logo as the a.g, making the ranks, making a disco serv, and then recruiting sum good players

clans :face_vomiting:

but then what

nthn wrong with being in a clan other than you having a rather more chance of dying

  1. FUCK GROUP ASSOCIATION (the negative connections to anything at all)

??? having fun wit my crew, collecting treasure and loot, doing tournies, and yeah

and then what

  1. Clan (Dojo-inspired)
  2. Grand Navy (shield only)
  3. Assassination Syndicate (firearms only)
  4. Undecided/Clanless/gonna wing it/whatever happens happens (rockstar conjuror)
  5. Clanless (apocalypse bringer)
  6. :person_shrugging:

well theres always an end to everything, but

  1. Grind levels
  2. Grind for scrolls and fish for charts.
  3. Collect legendary treasures such as legendary weapons and ancient scrolls which will take me months, but im dedicated.
  4. Wait for more updates once im bored but which ill never be.
  5. Make clans on dif accs.
  6. Work on redvane, warvale, and arcane rev, first by recruiting a lot of skilled players and then by making them enjoy being in the clan.
  7. ill do pvp, try getting better,
  8. play with my crewmates and help dem do stuff,

but then after that, what?

try collecting everything, give my co-captain smth he wants, give him smth for his birthday, christmas, halloween,

But then after all that, what next?

one grand navy rest clan/ clanless