Finally A Proper Furry Chart To Know If Someone's A Furry

Now please, stop immediately counting anime girls with just animal ears and tails such as catgirls as furries.


anthro ≠ furry

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wait a moment
normal foxes are furrys?

idk man sounds like you want to be a furry while also being socially accepted

Oh, I dont mean me. Just sick of people immediately saying anime girls with animal ears and tails are furries when they’re clearly not.

i mean hey
kinda hard to change public view

Lol, this reminds me of animorphs.


anime girls with animal parts are worse because uhhhhhh genetic engineering blah blah i dont know man


Huh this is interesting.

detroit become rat


@DRobinHood Neko says to reconsider your life >:O

Should we call them crossbread result then?

Call them by their corresponding names such as catgirls for those with only cat ears and tails. Just not furry since they aren’t furries.

What if the cat ears are furry :thinking:

Pretty much it just uses the hair from the head, just like any human who has hair on the head. As for the tail, humans also used to have tails though lost it which is proven by how we still have the tail bone. Let’s just say they havent lost theirs.

nya uwu

anything stage 2+ i call a furry

Anyone who says “nya” is automatically counted as a full-time furry and are shot on sight.