Finally done with my prologue

Hey guys, you know me or don’t know me
that one guy who was on the forums since 11 years old and is now 14 years old

Heres another fun fact
I just got out of junior high and in like 2 - 3 months on now I’ll be doing my first day of highschool
This explains a lot for yall

Finally done with my lives prologue


Congrats flare-kun :3

I wanna post this badly but I’m not that bad

now go get a job.

Now it’s time to learn some advanced trigonometry >:)

watch as your free time gets slowly taken over by club activities, work, math, and school (the best part is that you have to do community service in some schools too!)

Actually had more free time in high school since I started doing the homeworks in class, was part of the going-home club, then robotics which was also chill. (We could play games and stuff). Didn’t have a part time job though, so I guess there’s that

i really am unlucky guh

Didn’t know there was anyone around my age on the forums. I was on at 12 years old, but got banned on my underage acc :skull:

Two months for me too

Oh, no, I’m going to high school too :cry:

suffering! :smiley:

I can take on high school. I just need to change my ideas abt things a bit. If I trained my brain and played sports: :muscle: :nerd_face: :muscle:

Lucky. Now you can actually earn money.

Congrats, soon you will have to pay taxes :hugs:

They grow up so fast

Mfw I’m entering senior in 2-3 months

I just wanna take art fundamentals :broken_heart:

im leaving highschool and (hopefully) getting into a uni. HS was probably more chill because all the teachers knew we had exams and tried to lessen the payload we get.

omg dumbass is younger than me no way

Mfw I’m in the same situation and I need to learn how to drive too