Finally got master angler

image 2

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CONGRAGATION!!! This is truly amazing!!!

good job man
may i ask how? i have just a few more gold fish to go but i am getting wildly unlucky
i have around 6 more gold rares to go, and around 14 luck 4 hour long potions, do you think i can make it?

yea that’s probably enough, just fish at the right places and the right time and you should be fine

omg mr master baiter :astonished: :exploding_head: :fishing_pole_and_fish: teach me your ways

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To think you’ve gone 200+ hours without a player kill, impressive!

the fit tho…

THE pve demon, a headless and
hol up 1 boss defeated something aint right

Arcane Odyssey pacifist run (true pacifist is having 0 NPC and Player kills)

Congrats on master angler on 200 hours, I’m like close to 800 hours and don’t have it lol.

Why are your Fights and NPC kills stats so low? And why do you only have 1 boss kill

Whenever I feel like I’m bad at the game cause I don’t have 90k items found, master angler, and 300 pks in 120 hours (I have the same stats and stuff as a PvP head except I have 170 hours and 50 kills), I look at this post and remember that anyone can play the game how they want