Fire imbuement (Ft. Vega J. Anchor)

I’m probably not going to call these drawing Sunday drawing s at more just so I won’t have to go and count them up. I mostly draw because it’s fun for me and it’s relaxing too.
Anyways, I swapped Vega from fire and Iron leg to Fire and thermo fist since I got irritated with leg’s terrible speed and wanted to sack it for a faster fighting style. I even have an explanation for why he does it lorewise, though it ties into my next story.


Now he can burn his hoodie instead of his pants :D!

Though two questions must be asked:
Is Vega gonna get a new pair of pants and shoes? Or is he gonna remain barefoot like Corrina and some of the other characters who’s names I forgot?

He might remain barefoot idk he’s gotten too used to it

That, or a new pair of pants and shoes are too expensive for him. (Pants with shoes costs 40 plus Galleons at any tailor, talk about a scam.)

Screenshot 2023-06-05 001843
So I uh

Yeah he looks awesome now imo

Hooray, Vega has finally decided to buy new pants and shoes, though at the cost of no longer being able to wear long sleeves.