Fire of The Phoenix Furnace - Clan in Arcane Odyssey, description and everything you need to know about :fire_magic:

Fire of The Phoenix Furnace - Clan in Arcane Odyssey, description and everything you need to know about -

:fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic:

At this topic i will show
----At the start
*2-How to join
:fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :fire_magic:

*About the Guild etc.
-Fire of phoenix furnace , Phoenix furnace or P.F
Is a clan on focus of Skill, island capture, battles, farm boss etc, exchanges, we generally address all the subjects of the game

But the clan will be more focused on capturing islands and clan battles.
We don’t care about reputation, you can be good or bad
We do not accept rkers here, and our focus too is to help who needs, but bring destruction when necessary

When you least realize, you will see, your heart melts, your body tremendous
Will be facing one of us
of some phoenix,of some furnaces.

*2- How to join!
In this clan our focus of mind magic will be

Ashes, Fire, Earth, Explosion, Magma and Iron.

Yes We Will Have Lots Of Red And Orange Magic Here.

If you have one of these spells, just be skilled or prove your worth for the owners or co-captains to join.

If you don’t have any of these spells, the only way to join the clan
It will be to find the owner of the rodrigo_drake clan doing something that shows that he really deserves to join this clan.

The personalities we focus on are combat skill, commitment, and loyalty.
:magma_magic: :fire_magic: :ash_magic: :iron_magic_var1: :explosion_magic: :earth_magic_var1:

Buidls: Don’t care about any build
But we will appreciat more mages builds , buy you still can be the every others.


Historia do clan foi uma ideia de criar um clan forte poderoso mas que fosse honesto e ajuda-se quem precisava , Eu comecei a botar em pratica em AA mas o jogo quebrou , em seguida fui para WoM des do primeiro open test , assim que pudi criei o clan da "The fire of phoenix furnace "

The Rodrigo drake history-
Rodrigo drake was a casual person who had fire powers since his late teens. There were many accidents in his life, such as the death of his best friend, and the death of the captain, the last person he had left. , he decided to create his own clan with a lot of effort with many participants from his old guild called “The Ravine of pyrots”

NOW I NEED YOUR HELP! , for a clan logo you will choice for me who variation is better for be the permanent version of the logo

LOGO : A---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LOBO : B---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LOGO : C---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LOGO : D---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LOGO : E---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LOGO : F---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LOGO : G---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LOGO : H---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

what logo is better?
  • LOGO : A
  • LOGO : B
  • LOGO : C
  • LOGO : D
  • LOGO : E
  • LOGO : F
  • LOGO : G
  • LOGO : H

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At the end , a little quiz

Did you enjoy reading about more guild information?
  • Yes!
  • No!

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Rate it!
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What’s your magic?
  • Magma
  • Iron
  • Fire
  • Ash
  • Earth

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Now the last question

Who will join us?

You will join us?
  • Yes! , I want to join , and be the better player from Ao!
  • Nah , I fine , thanks.

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Now tell me! , Now let’s talk, say whatever you want, whether it’s good or bad. , I want to see all your opinions and I apologize for any grammatical errors. I’m still kind of bad at writing.

Good night , and thanks for reading all!

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Absolutely logo B.

while i get that you want to fit the theme of your guild more, having your members restricted to a certain build is a great away to turn away new people that may be interested


Ur guild name does not fit as a guild name

U could call it Phoenix alone and its 10 times better

Phoenix furnace. , will have like others 300 phoenixs

im talking about the name tough “Fire of the phoenix furnace” is to long im giving feedback

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Alright, thanks, I’ll give it a look!

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logo b was coolest, but this was mad corny to read i can’t lie

All of this is epic! i wish you luck with your guild!

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