Fire Plasma size mage build?

Looking to get back into PVP, and I want to spam broken big ahh moves. Fire plasma is my chosen build cuz they look cool. Please help

If you want a heavy size build, you can try something like this?

(If you don’t have sunkens, you might be able to try something like this Gear Builder)

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If your willing to deal with Insanity 1 at all times, this is also a good alternative if you have no sunkens.

the insanity has to be on whatever piece you put the malachites on, as its for the defense.

i’d rather die than use insanity again, that stuff is so annoying.

size is decent for fire, but kinda bad for plasma, since they have somewhat small size multipliers
I’d suggest running full calvus gear, but instead of all size enchants, you could also use a couple intensity enchants, because it makes you deal quite a bit more damage on the status effects

:plasma_magic_var2: :plasma_magic_var1: :plasma_magic_var1:intensity :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :st3: :st3:

yeah butt if im playing intensity how will i cheese skilless wins?

intensity gives you a couple more ticks of DoT, thus making it so your opponent can’t regen health for longer
your big attacks will be more effective since you don’t have to hit your opponent as often before they can start regenerating again
(you effectively turn the opponent into a random bounty npc but with slightly better ai)

(also also you get a larger window to apply the damage synergy for plasma and fire)

i mean theres poison magic which can for sure cheeze

ok that sounds funny, do you have a build I can use? (no insanity modifiers if possible)