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“The Great Deceiver”

Those who run from the Grand Navy know that with enough Galleons, the Assassin Syndicate would spread misinformation to the edges of the War Seas, rendering the pursuit of the Gravys useless. But did you ever wonder who does all that dirty work, who spills blood for galleons, spares the wicked from the hordes of Marines? Well the Grand Navy questions the same.

The Grand Navy searched and questioned anyone, they never took it seriously, until one day… In the pursuit of a notorious criminal who was known as ‘Mad Captain Fort’ (also known as an Emperor of the Sea in his active years), they sent out Commodore Adara and Commodore Garrisons, who were soon to be promoted to Rear admiral. They were excited to say the least, only to acquire information that that not only did two of their competent men fall that day, but not one soul that was deployed was left on any ship they sent, just when they were about to quit they found a castaway unconscious in a barrel within the ship’s storage, named Aisha [REDACTED], who was saved by Commodore Adara while in pursuit of Captain Fort. According to her, the fleet of navy ships were annihilated not by several brigs, nor was it Captain Fort’s men, but a single sailboat. Shabby in looks, rusted hull, lacking canons, red sails, when three hooded figures leaped out and attacked everything and killed anyone they saw, almost effortlessly. She was quickly dragged into the barrel for her safety, and when the sounds of screams and clashing has ended. She peeked through a hole and behold, a man that not even members of the syndicate would see everyday, a demon staring straight back into her eyes. “I do not take unpaid lives”, he said while gesturing to her to keep quiet, “I don’t know what the other two think”.

The Navy searched high and low, concluding that “Perhaps this ‘Man’ was the reason for all of the lost ships of the past”, this only created more urgency. Becoming desperate for answers, they resorted to using questionable methods of extracting information from the captured prisoners and assassins alike. Perhaps to them the lost of morals was worth the clue.

The elite branch of the Assassin Syndicate known exclusively by few, the “Ouroboros division”. The very division that was responsible for spreading false information.

After a few more questionings they were able to dig up info about the division leader, abnormally quick but they took the info regardless. They tracked down this lone crimson sailboat. Believing all the information they’ve taken. Sending an entire fleet to Shale reef, only to find a note saying “I applaud your efforts, but you’re forgetting that I am known for misinformation…”

To this day the Navy obtains information about this ‘Gabriel’, from age and looks to his class and the magic he uses, only for the intel to be proven wrong every single time. Made them wonder if Gabriel was his name in the first place…

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This is a lot better than my OCs, great work!

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