First piece of non-pixel Art

Here is my WoM character called Glenn Graves. Soon to be a Glass Warlock

Been practicing traditional art for a couple months now and decided to actually make something.
I have no idea how to use the software. If anyone uses Krita please help me!


:fire: :fire: :fire:

This is so Theos_good

Good, but I think black clothes would have more skin matching. While white clothes and black skin makes my eyes hurts, but at all picture is good.

:sunglasses: based

Cool art by the way. I like how you did his stance.

what happend with his arm


A fellow krita enjoyer I see.
What parts of the software are you struggling with?

Other than being as second right arm I wasn’t too sure what to do this this arm.
The goal was something like this but with a magic circle, I did not know how to do glass effect work so I just made a white outline for the cracks

I’m fine with sketching, I struggle when from that step onwards from line art → colouring → shading.
I assume there are some recommended ways and a brush for line art and so on.

wow this is good how did you do the lineart

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There probably are recommended brushes but as I only use one I can’t really comment lol.
If you don’t use them already, layers are an invaluable asset.
Creating a separate layer for each stage helps separate the process and makes it easy to reverse or make changes as needed.
There’s also the fill tool which makes coloring in sections a breeze.
I highly recommend checking out the user manual and the getting started section, they contain alot of art tips and technical information that may be of benefit to you.

I use krita help meh :sob:

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For the lineart I pretty much just went over my sketch with this inking brush I found from experimenting
Draft → Sketch → Lineart

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the white clothes are fine :sob:

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