First post on the forum ! i drew neviro angel au idk 🤸‍♂️ O YA BTW the watermark is 4 my tiktok would appreciate a follow pweas… jk sorry

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Got Griffith and Miquella the Tickla written over all this. Great art though.

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idk who that is,. but ty ! :slight_smile:


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I swear these artists live under rocks.

who is this mosquito the tickler person?

every day we stray further from god

I’ve noticed this for a while, are you a follower of god by chance?

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Nvm get out of my sight, I am kidding btw.

and closer to satan :slight_smile:

Great art, but at first I thought it was someone’s oc with pigtails XDDDDD

My lord, this looks metal but also sinister in my opinion. It paints Neviro as a different person from he is in the AO storyline. Keep in mind that for the last 2 days, I have been overdosing on Chainsaw Man content so it will influence a lot what I’m about to write.

There’s something deeply unsettling about this portrait of Neviro. In the current AO storyline, he is barely mentioned. Only briefly accompanied us to King Calvus’ throne room only to get blasted by him seconds later. At Wind-Row island, he said that he would return to Ravenna to ensure that the next ruler of Ravenna would not be out for vengeance. He left without much concern for his safety. We are currently in the Nimbus Sea, unaware of his status.

Neviro is the last prince of Winterveil, the place that was utterly decimated by King Nero Ceasar via his curse. His killing is perhaps not a genocide but more so an ethnic cleansing as he ordered everyone in the Bronze Sea to kill whatever survivors they found and he used the rubble of Winterveil to build Akursius Keep which is consumed by insanity now.

I think the purpose that Neviro returns to Ravenna and ensures that the next ruler of Ravenna would not seek vengeance is to eradicate the nation. Normally, as fas as I am aware, the mentality of a victim who survive mass murder is hate at an unparallel level. To them, executing the one commanding individual like a politician or a commander is not enough but the complete erasure of that politician or commander’s national or ethnic identity, their subordinates, the innocent civilians, the culture, everything… are the only sufficient way to remedy for the crime. In short, an eye for an eye. To the victim, this is the only way for justice to be served but they are unaware of what they’ll become or happen next.

Neviro wanted to install a moderate ruler on Ravenna so that he reveal the crime of Ravenna to Winterveil to the public with the purpose of invoking guilt in the populace. After that, Neviro reveal his true power or ask for a blessing from the god to transform him into an angel.

Neviro in this angel form thrives on guilt. The more of the Ravenna populace feel guilty over their past action and the stronger their guilt is, the stronger he becomes. The feeling of guilt may wane down but Angel Neviro will not let that happen as his mere presence in Ravenna boosts that feeling up. Once that guilt feeling has reached a certain point, the Ravenna populace wish that they have never existed in the first place and they began to have very detrimental action to themselves like destroying their culture icons or [redacted]. The Bronze Legion may try to stop this but this guilt epidemic is like an uncontainable plague, it spreads rapidly, adapt to each person circumstance as it goes, sooner or later, the Bronze Legion will do the same thing as the Ravenna populace does.

Once the first Ravenna person has [redacted], Angel Neviro “appears” as a symbol salvation for that person, he said that he forgave them for what their ancestor have done while embracing them warmly. However, in reality, that person has already passed away from their action.

This incident is repeated many times throughout Ravenna and in each instance, Neviro does the same thing over and over again. Until, he is bored of it, he asked himself why he should have any pity for the people that had destroyed his homeland. Not just the land itself, but the idea of Winterveil itself. His demeanour began to change, from gently guiding someone into the afterlife to just straight up doomslaying.

He began appearing on the squares of Ravenna towns and when he does, everyone trembles on their feet and cry, begging Neviro for mercy. The next moment, they’re already dead. Neviro looks at the sight with great joy and he moves on to [redacted]. This keeps on happening until the last person is the Ravenna king.

The Ravenna king now sits alone in this throne room, cowering in fear, shivering when Angel Neviro will come for him. Angel Neviro busts open the throne room’s massive door and rush toward the Ravenna king, killing him the same way that the Player did all those months ago. Angel Neviro now sits alone on the throne with nobody to rule over but he feels happy, as if he has completed his ultimate life goal.

The player, warned by a calamity happening in Ravenna, quickly sailed to it. They sees near uncomprehensible horror, it makes them want to throw up. After a long walk, they reached the Ravenna throne room where they sees Angel Neviro, only this time, he is no longer an Angel but a hideous demon who has lost his white hair, wings and clean attire long ago. He is now a monstrous skeleton with a badly deformed face and wings made out of [redacted].

A very violent battle ensues. Before the Player does their final attack, Neviro saw himself on the player armor that he is no longer the same angel that he initially was when he set foot on Ravenna. He sees the monster he has become. He questions his motives, all he wants his life was for justice to be served for Winterveil but what he has done is massacring another People. To him, his existence is meaningless and if it ever has one, it is only viewed as another source of terror and whatever Winterveil person left will be affected by him. They are going to be mistreated even more harshly than before he became an Angel.

Neviro greeted death by the Player’s hands with open arms. The Player sailed away from “Ravenna”, or rather, the place that used to be called Ravenna. What is left of it now is a large island devoid of human life. It is an empty husk with large fields, Mediterranean climate and copper mines. The Player ponders if anything would happen on the island and what would happen to the islands that rely on Ravenna for protection or security like Frostmill or Shell. Would they be take over by Sameria or would they be plunge into anarchy? The Player stands on their boat with deep uneasiness on their mind.

I am going to be banned for writing this but if it means someone is going to read this then so be it.

what the headcanon

I am troubled that you’re not weary from such a protracted cause. It’s good to see such an energetic personage in our coterie. Your quench for knowledge is a lonely endeavor that only you see the glimmer of hope in.

This post has many new and formal words. I think I should learn some of them.

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