First World of Magic Boss

Since there might be a boss fight added in the next WoM Update, what do you think the boss fight will be about?


Nothing to do with terraria nor it’s mods
more like some dark cult or even a lotus member(player)

Probably a bad guess since they’d just exist as normal enemies anyway, but perhaps a Magic Council Major and their Dark Arts Society equivalent?
Though, I would assume the boss fight is a preset npc so just any old Major/equivalent would be a bit wack.
Don’t have any other ideas though.

A major would probably be too powerful for the first boss. If the fight takes place at level 80 then a captain is more plausible, but idk.

This is true, but reminder that King David Silver is beatable yet a few hundred levels higher than captains.

That’s usually because cities absolutely destroy the AI’s fighting capability, you get basically limitless cover and a height advantage against him.

A lower level boss can certainly preform well if the arena only has a couple trees/foilage.

Yeah, we’re not exactly intended to beat them yet. It’s possible (and Vetex knows it), but consider that this is a roblox game. There are going to be people who aren’t as good at the game as the people who actually can beat those npcs, so it’s not going to be something at that level I don’t think

why did mods put this under pvp? this is a pve topic
edit: okay they fixed it ty

if i had to guess it would be a quest from king David that has something to do with the new area being added, so maybe defeating some dark wizard who’s trying to get the volcano to erupt again or something.

it wont be a lotus member lmao

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HIGHLY doubt its a major as they are extremely high level and for them to be A STARTER BOSS would be stupid

Would it be safe to say that the boss would be level 150+? Minibosses can already surpass level 100 (barely), captains and david are meant to annihilate us. So it might be a level 150-180 boss, not sure who we’re fighting though but my guess is that it has something to do with the volcano area.

i bet it’d be around level 200-250 and have special fight mechanics like bosses in AA.

I didn’t play much of AA, what were bosses like?

They had pre programmed moves and movements unlike regular npcs. If you want to see a good example search up the Theos boss fight from AA.